About us

The concept 24.STOP™ is a creation of savvy businessmen who all share experience with camper tourism. This form of travelling gives freedom of movement and the ability to continually explore new tourist destinations, in Slovenia as well as abroad. We have discovered that there are many attractive tourist locations in Slovenia, however they do not have adequate infrastructure for this form of tourism and therefore remain unappealing for camper tourist.

It is our belief that by bringing together under one roof engineering knowledge, development and management of parking lots and parking lots for campers and caravans, we will set e higher standard of parking for campers and caravans.

24.STOP™ parking offers a high standard full service solutions for travellers, travelling with campers and caravans, while at the same time impact the tourist offer of individual places.

The company has skilled personnel in fields of parking lot engineering, legislation and obtaining necessary operating permits, development and assembling of necessary equipment. We have developed a business model of management and operation of individual parking lots, as a form of tourism and a profitable business activity. Consequently, this concept contributes to development of tourism in locations where there is lack of tourist capacities.

The company is responsible for planning project documentation and obtaining all permits for construction of the parking and its operations. By developing a business model on a principle of franchising, the company 24.STOP™ shall contract the management of the parking lots to local municipalities or private investors already involved in tourism and who are looking to extend and accelerate their offer.

The strategy of Slovenia anticipates that by end of 2020 there will be 50 parking lots for campers, whereas the company can equip and operate between 25-30 24.STOP™ parking lots as a superiorly equipped parking.

After the initial two years the company is planning expansion on all countries of the Balkans, all of which have practically no capacities and abilities for parking, and subsequently to other neighbouring countries of Slovenia and to the entire Alpes-Adria region.

This is a model for equipment and operations of parking lots for a specific target group existing in all countries of the Alpes-Adria region, and through the franchising system it can be adopted in all European countries where the company is looking to expand in the following 5 years.